Architecture Essentials: a game face and “man shoes”

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01 Feb Architecture Essentials: a game face and “man shoes”

Architects Marni Murdock and Rachel Jorgensen chime in on the realities of their career choices

In a fortunate crossing-of-paths with a Principal in another firm, MGA Architecture President and Founder Matt Gilbertson was introduced to healthcare architect Marni Murdock. Matt quickly came to respect her expertise not only in the healthcare arena, but as a successful business woman. Several years later, an opportunity arose to bring Marni on board which was perfect timing for the direction MGA Architecture was taking. She joined MGA as Principal and Director of Healthcare in early 2014, one of two female architects in the firm. Matt’s introduction to architect Rachel Jorgensen was similarly fortuitous, and she became the first hire at MGA almost five years earlier. Always receptive to hiring women, Matt found that the bulk of his connections to licensed architects locally were mostly men. In a recent interview Matt (MG), Marni (MM) and Rachel (RJ) talked about their perceptions of women working in architecture, the challenges and rewards, and what lies ahead in their careers.

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