About This Project

Design for this 1930’s historic temple was driven in part by the need to overcome functional challenges of the existing structure, but more significantly, by the traditions and symbolism significant to the Masonic Order. Significant numbers, three and five, were incorporated into the number of building columns and door panels throughout, and a fiber-optic star ceiling now illuminates the ceremonial Lodge Room, reflecting a specific star constellation and date in Hawaii, meaningful to the Masonic culture. Influenced by images of King Solomon’s Temple, the new exterior kept the proportion and grandeur of how the temple is believed to have appeared.



Size: 12,000 SF, 2 Levels

Scope: Renovation

Features: Ceremonial Lodge Room with Fiber Optic star ceiling, new library/media room, dining and meeting area/indoor-outdoor lanai to reflect Hawaiian lifestyle, new commercial kitchen. Combining historical features with new technologies, the new Temple functions daily as a host to Masonic and affiliated group meetings, presentations, ceremonies, library and social functions.