Waikiki Yokocho


November 2016

About This Project

YOKOCHO, a new Waikiki dining experience, brings multiple authentic Japanese food and beverage options together in one place.  The concept comes from the narrow alleyway dining experiences visitors enjoy in the dense urban areas of larger Japanese cities.  MGA worked with YOKOCHO designers to carry their concept out to the sidewalk with a blend of the Japanese aesthetic of their interior and the Hawaiian inspired patterns and textures of Waikiki.  The design blend includes a kapa inspired patterning overlaid on the slat graphic at the entrances and a combination of wood species (light and dark) around the stair opening that represents both Japanese and Hawaiian cultures.  As design collaborators MGA designed and coordinated the exterior header and backlit panel signage, the new YOKOCHO themed stair graphics and the alternating wood slats that wrap the stair opening.